A4 Landscape Counter Display (100 mm Capacity)

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A5 Flip & Slot Leaflet Dispenser

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A5 E-Flute Leaflet Dispenser

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Small 6-Bay A5 Counter Display

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A3 Showcards with A5 Pocket

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Small 4 Tier Counter Display

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DL 9-Bay Counter Display

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A6 4-Bay Counter Display Unit

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Leaflet Dispenser

Leaflet dispensers are the best way to keep your cluttered leaflets at one place without any problem. A leaflet is considered as one most useful and important way to promote your business and organisation, as you can fill them with as much information as you need within an organised layout that is also visually pleasing. A leaflet can include information about the product or business you are advertising, company logo, contact information, images, and more. Therefore it is very important to keep these leaflets in an orderly manner, which can be easily achieved with the help of a leaflet dispenser. A leaflet dispenser not only keeps all your leaflets at one place but can also showcase them in a good manner which shows that you are a professional in your work. A leaflet dispenser or also known as a leaflet holder can present the company profile and product features in a dynamic and spectacular form. Leaflet holder or dispenser gives a neat and tidy appearance to the overall office and you can put all the leaflets, brochures in creative fashion. This way the importance of your brochure is maintained and the visitor also feels tempted to pick up the literature and read on.

At Uthara Print we print our leaflet dispenser in various types such as, A4 landscape counter display, A5 flip and slot leaflet dispenser, A5 E-flute leaflet dispenser, small 6-bay A5 counter display, A3 showcards with A5 pocket, small 4 tier counter display, DL 9 bay counter display and A6 4-bay counter display unit.

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Our standard delivery takes 5 to 6 working days, we can also do 3 to 5 working day delivery for an additional cost.