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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are very cost-effective as well as easy to use and the way they are designed makes them great for highlighting important information as it contrasts against standard documents and books. These sticky notes can be considered as a pretty persuasive instrument in getting people to comply with a request. Adding a handwritten personal note can help you comply with people's requests. The appeal of sticky notes is that they can be an attention-grabbing and persuasive tool for communication. Sticky notes can be considered as a great as well as beneficial way to absorb information and call attention to important pieces of text. These sticky notes can be used in various ways and in different places such as bookmark pages, Annotate chunks of text, colour code tasks, brainstorm ideas, practice foreign language vocabulary, create to-do list and to plan projects. The best part of sticky notes is that their ease of use and versatility enables them to cater to any system that is why they are highly favored over different apps and various software tools.


At Uthara Print London we print our sticky notes in the following types and specifications:-

1. Sticky notes without cover - these sticky notes are printed in two sizes which are 71mm x 71mm and 71mm x 121mm and are single-sided with full colour. These sticky notes are of high-quality 80gsm paper with either 25 pages, 50 pages or 100 pages.

2. Sticky notes with soft cover – these sticky notes with soft cover are printed in various sizes such as 75mm x 75mm, 105mm x 75mm, and 110mm x 80mm. These sticky notes are printed on high-quality 250gsm paper material as its cover and its pages in high quality 80gsm material.

3. Sticky notes with hardcover - these sticky notes are printed in one size that is 110mm x 80mm with 100pages in full colour. In this sticky note, pages are of 80gsm and the cover is of 2mm thick cardboard.


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