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Custom Shelf Edge Strips
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A familiar sight in all warehouses and retail environments, shelf strips grab the attention of any customer that walks by
Shelf edge strips, also known as price strips or promotional strips,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shelf strips are holders for point-of-sale graphics that show prices and product details on the borders of your store shelves.

Shelf edge strips are a great tool to make a retail space more organized, eye-catching and efficient. The strips are thin and light and placed on the shelves edges. They can be used to create an organized and tidy display of products and highlight promotional and special offers.

At UtharaPrint, we offer a standard size of 25 x 500 mm. You can also customize your order to match your needs.

We offer customers the option of having their shelf edge strips laminated in either a matt or gloss finish, which gives them complete freedom in the design and printing of the strip.

2000 is the maximum quantity of items you can order at once.
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