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Enhance Your Workspace with Luxury Printed Mouse Pad Printing in the UK at Uthara Print. Made from flexible, soft material with non-slip foam rubber, providing both comfort and functionality. Enhance your workspace and protect your desk while showcasing your unique style with our custom mouse pads. Place your order & get 25% discount only at Uthara Print.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A customised mousepad serves a variety of purposes, such as adding personality to your workspace, helping you stay organised, providing protection for your mouse and desk surface from scratches, and helping keep your mouse in place. Additionally, it can help you track and measure movement more accurately when working with a graphics tablet or similar device.

For mouse pads, the soft-woven fabric is a common material. In addition to being easier to create, they also often survive longer than their hard-topped equivalents, which can eventually break and distort. Metal mouse pads are excellent if you want a long-lasting, simple-to-clean mouse pad.

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes in mousepads. Also, we can customise the size as per your requirement.

We provide 6mm of thickness in mouse pads.

The quality of the product has a big impact on how long a mousepad lasts. The mousepad is built solidly and well, guarding it against wear and tear. So, compared to other goods, it lasts longer.
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