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A card for sending a message by post without an envelope, typically having a photograph or other illustration on one side. "He promised to send me a picture postcard."

Doesn’t this remind you of the good old days when you’d receive real mail in your physical mailbox? Relatives on holiday would send a postcard to let you know of places they were visiting?

No worries, the good old fashioned postcard is still an effective means of communication and businesses are using postcards more and more these days. They are either distributed door to door, inserted in magazines and newspapers, or simply to hand out at an exhibition. Their versatility is endless.

So why are postcards used as a marketing tool? We know why! Because businesspeople use them all the time. And boy, do they work beautifully! Look at the hassle-free business of postcards!
• There are no envelopes.
• No insertion costs.
• No folding.
• Just full colour, glossy mailers hitting doorsteps. We at Uthara Print think they really punch above their weight. So small, yet, done right, they give the recipient a flavour or introduction of your product or service. And more importantly, they are cheaper than sending out larger, more lavish mailers. In essence, all you want the recipient to do is to call you or visit your website. There is no need for too much information at this stage. This is the job of the follow-up sales team or your website.

Postcards are also ideal for mailing campaigns. We can leave a space for the address and postage. Or we could handle the mailing and distribution for you. We can help you reach your target audience in a relatively inexpensive hassle-free manner. If you or your company are considering a mailing campaign talk to us first, and we will be able to illustrate the different options available to you.

Uthara Print produce postcards in standard A5 and A6 sizes onto a high-quality 350gsm silk board. We normally supply these without special finishes, although if you do want them matt or gloss laminated we can also do this. Our design team can create your design for you too. Just contact us with your brief and requirements and our designers will be able to create a design that will help you gain customers.