Barcode Plastic Cards

Our barcode plastic cards are a great way to share information with others at trade shows, conferences and business meetings. With powerful functionality and design, these cards let you make bold first impressions that last.

These barcodes can be scanned by a barcode reader or scanner, which can then be used to access information stored in a computer database. Barcode plastic cards are often used in various industries such as retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

Increased Efficiency: Barcode plastic cards allow for quick and easy access to information stored in a computer database, increasing efficiency and reducing the time it takes to complete tasks.

Professional looking: Plastic cards are more professional looking, and can help you to stand out from the competition.

At Uthara Print we have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you to design your product. They will work with you right from conception of the idea and until the idea is executed. Uthara Print is a place where we will guide you through the whole printing process so you don't have to go anywhere else for your printing needs.

Our standard delivery takes 3 to 4 working days.

- Add 3 mm bleed.
- Keep 4 mm safety margin.
- Use CMYK as the color mode.
- Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
- Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.
- Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.
- Save your files in uneditable, print-ready file formats.
- Use the right values for full color black.
- Lines should be at least 0.25 pt.
- Check your artwork on overprint.
- Keep 4 mm safety margin from the fold.

  • These can be scanned by barcode reader to access information
  • Uses by various industry, retail healthcare and hospitality
  • Share your information in trade show, conferences and meetings
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