A4 Notebook

A4 notepads differ from other kinds of marketing and promotional tools because their function goes beyond advertising a product or service of a business. Since A4 notepads are normally used by people to write down notes and prescriptions, there’s a greater chance for these tools to be kept instead of thrown away like other promotional products.

Notepad marketing should therefore be approached with a clear perspective. You can either use them to take notes during a call or during meetings to write down essential information. They demonstrate to be incredibly useful and adaptable. Notepad marketing ought to be unique so that you are not just using them to promote your company. It's important to think about how your notepads will make people see your business.

At Uthara Print, we print our A4 Notebook (210mm x 297mm) with 50 sets per book Black one side & 4 colour process one side These notepads are printed without any kind of lamination.

At Uthara Print we have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you to design your product. They will work with you right from conception of the idea and until the idea is executed. Uthara Print is a place where we will guide you through the whole printing process so you don't have to go anywhere else for your printing needs.

Our standard delivery takes 5 to 6 working days, we can also do 3 to 5 working day delivery for an additional cost. 

- Edge cover safety margin (5 mm)
- Spine edge safety margin (A4: 13 mm | A5: 13,5 mm)
- Groove fold (A4: 8 mm | A5: 8,5 mm)
- Spine safety margin (2 mm)
- Edge weft all-round (15 mm)

  • It serve as an advertisement and a good service product
  • These used in write down notes means less likely to be thrown
  • A4 size can hold any information than other notebooks

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