Waterproof Business Cards

Waterproof business cards are specialized and durable cards designed to withstand exposure to water and other environmental elements, ensuring that essential contact information and branding details remain intact even in challenging conditions. These cards are typically crafted from materials that are resistant to water damage, making them suitable for various situations where traditional paper business cards might be compromised. Key features of waterproof business cards may include: Material Composition: These cards are often made from synthetic materials such as plastic or synthetic paper, which are inherently resistant to water and moisture. Durability: Waterproof business cards are more robust and less prone to tearing or warping compared to standard paper cards. This durability ensures that the cards maintain their professional appearance even after exposure to water. Print Quality: Despite their resistance to water, these cards can still feature high-quality printing, allowing for vibrant colors, sharp text, and detailed logos. The printing process is adapted to the waterproof materials to ensure longevity.
- Size: 85mm x 55mm + 3mm BLEED
- Colour mode: CMYK not RGB
- Convert all fonts to outlines
- 300dpi Resolution
- Supply Deboss file as 100% K (Vector File)
- Upload 3 Files: Back / Front s
  • Waterproof & tear-resistant material
  • Keep your information safe during messy situations
  • Available gloss and matt finish with a smooth texture
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