Business Card
Business card has their small sizes, still have fair bit of information.
Compliment Slips
Compliment slips contains information, also convey thanks to recipients.
Envelopes are very useful for target market and customer demographic.
Letterheads can offered as a great marketing and promotional item.
NCR Pads
NCR pad does the same job as carbon paper pads, but no carbon paper required.
Notepads can be used as writable business memo pads.
Plastic Cards
Plastic business card used credit, debit and ID card thickness.
Smaller as business card but PVC makes it sturdier.
Desk Pads
Desk pads carry single weekly sheets, providing ideal on-the-go plans for the home and businesses.
An excellent way to add a bit of style to your desktop.
Self Inking Stamps
Self inking stamps are very useful for stamp your brand or logo to promote your office stationary.
Self inking means using a tiny built-in ink pad to re-ink itself.
Unfinished Printed Sheets
Unfinished sheets save as much as possible on print, and useful in any printing requirement.
For new or small business working to a budget, ordering your print on flat unfinished sheets can really help you out.
Sticky Notes
Sticky notes is a compact, concise and sticky factor with bright colour makes it a great business tool.
used to stick it onto most backgrounds so you won't forgot anything.
Hot Foil Stationery
Hot Foil stationary products consist of Business Cards, Compliment Slips and letterheads, adding shiny metallic colours for premium looks.
hot foil gives deluxe and classy look to stationaries products making it perfect for premium looks for business
Notebooks are used for drawing, making notes, and writing, the best gift for a corporate customer.
You can also offer these personalised gifts to your employees or at parties.
NCR Books
NCR books is just like NCR pads these are (no carbon required) pages which means these carbon coated paper.
these are same as NCR pads, but to stop transfer of information from written on the other side, there is a writing shield in the book.
NCR Sets
NCR sets are the same as pads and books, but these are loosely combined as sets.
from other NCR, this is less expensive.
Director Chair
Elevate your space with our solid wood Director's Chairs, instantly creating an exciting atmosphere
Personalised Bookmarks
Bookmark printing from Utharaprint. With a choice of 4 different sizes, you can offer your clients custom bookmarks to suit their individual needs.
ID Cards
We recognize the significance of dependable identification solutions for businesses, schools, and organizations. Through our ID card printing services,

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