Typically used in fundraising events, contests, or promotions, each ticket corresponds to a unique number. Participants purchase these tickets, and the winning numbers are then randomly selected. Raffles are a popular way to engage audiences, raise funds, and add an element of excitement to various events.
Personalise your tickets with attractive branding, essential information and a QR code or numbering system for enhanced security and record keeping. Choose from horizontal or vertical alignment and numbering area minimums.

Enjoy the freedom of four-colour print on both the front and reverse sides of your tickets, ensuring that your branding shines through. Achieve a maximum colour application of 300% for vivid, eye-catching designs.

  • With a resolution of 300 dpi, your tickets will display crystal-clear graphics and text.
  • We leave no room for errors. Your tickets will feature a minimum 5 mm margin between the edge and the numbering area.
  • Whether you're hosting a grand gala, a sporting event, or a business conference, our Standard Tickets can be customised to suit your needs.
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