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High-quality printed promo cards for effective marketing campaigns. Affordable printing company in UK. Uthara Print offers a wide range of custom printed promo cards that are perfect for promoting your business or event. Available in A4, A5, A6 & DL size. Get a whopping 25% off on all our printed products. Place your order & get fastest delivery at your doorstep.

A4 Promo Cards
Starting From £72.00
Can easily promote your business and show off your offer in style.
Work perfectly for direct mail marketing.

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A5 Promo Cards
Starting From £70.80
These cards are so versatile that we can even use them as destination marketing.
For trade shows, invitations, loyalty discounts, and offers, the A5 promo cards are of great choice.

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A6 Promo Cards
Starting From £58.80
Perfect size to fit neatly in among mail, and also in an envelope.
Perfect marketing tool that are easy to carry in pockets, handbags and even to put up on noticeboards.

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DL Promo Cards
Starting From £70.80
Sleek and sophisticated makeover by using DL size.
Handy friendly size

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Need Help with Design

Let us create your brand image!

Order design in 3 easy steps and save £££'s on artwork services. Let our professional designers do the artwork creation to your brief. We have a state of the art studio to convert great ideas into unforgettable memories to your customers. Our designers will create something you`ll love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to keep competitive prices throughout the year. Prices vary depending on quantity, materials, size, accessories, and delivery options.

The standard size of a regular promotional card in the UK is
A4 (297x210 mm)
A5 (297 x 148 mm)
A6 (105x148mm)
DL (210x99 mm)

A custom promo card is specifically designed for your brand, and it's a great way to encourage customers to return time and time. The best part is that custom promo cards don't have to have the same design format as your main marketing materials. Custom promo cards are perfect for trade shows and conventions, as they look professional and shout out your brand message.

Promo cards in A4 and A5 sizes start with paper quality of 250gsm silk & gloss up to 400gsm. Our quality card stock provides a smooth feel while the colours are intense and long-lasting.

If you'd like to create a promotion card that you can mail or display prominently in your office and other offices, create a promotion card 3.5 x 5 inches at minimum or 4 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches, maximum.
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