A5 Flyers

The purpose of this design is to enable easy tearing or detachment of a portion of the flyer, often used for response cards, coupons, or other interactive elements. Perforated A5 flyers are commonly utilized in marketing campaigns, providing a visually appealing and practical means of conveying information. The perforated feature encourages recipient engagement by offering a convenient way to respond to calls to action, such as redeeming offers, submitting feedback, or participating in promotions.
Communicate with your print provider to clarify any doubts and ensure your artwork meets their specifications. Always consult with your chosen print provider as they may have specific requirements or preferences for artwork submission. Following these guidelines will help you create a professional and print-ready A5 perforated flyer.
  • Great for distributing information about events or services
  • These small but sturdy perforated flyers are perfect for handing out or posting up around town
  • High quality printing that advertise your business, product, or services
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