A4 Brochure Holders

A4 brochure holders can be placed in a variety of locations and organisations. A4 brochure holder can allow your company to relay positive and accurate information to more people and attract new customers. It’s easier to place your A4 size itinerary in brochure holders in promotional giveaways that you can send through the mail or on tables in your office. These holders are the perfect choice to give away with tangible items along.  You can advertise at a local fair and hand out your brochures with Frisbees, T-shirts, or bags. Free merchandise may attract people to grab your literature, but later they will read your brochure and learn more about your business. A4 brochure holders allow you to reach out to many new customers.
Keep your clients, guests, and representatives educated by keeping data visible and accessible. These holders not only make you itinerary to be easily used also it makes it much alluring to the eye of the general public.
At Uthara Print we print our A4 brochure holder in the following dimensions: 222mm x 217mm x 291mm with front to back: 96mm and brochure capacity: 31mm depth. These brochures are produced in high-quality materials and through top-notch techniques. Tough high-quality plastic leaflet holder for A4 brochure display, A4 Counter-top leaflet dispenser which is tough for use on trade counters, reception desks, exhibition stands etc.

At Uthara Print we have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you to design your product. They will work with you right from conception of the idea and until the idea is executed. Uthara Print is a place where we will guide you through the whole printing process so you don’t have to go anywhere else for your printing needs.

Our standard delivery takes 4 to 5 working days.

- Your artwork uses correct size and is not stretch or squeezed.
- Avoid up's or spreads.
- Use correct internal and external bleed.
- Use CMYK or PMS Colours while preparation.
- Folded jobs artwork must be provided in flat sizes.
- All fonts must be outline to curve or embedded.
- All links must be embedded.
- Ink coverage does not exceed 300%
- All lines in your artwork are at least 0.3pt and all text should be at least 8pt using a non-narrow, non-ultra light or non-thin style font.
- All borders in your artwork are at least 5mm wide.
- All images in your artwork are 300dpi when placed at 100%.
- Your artwork is the correct size and contains trim marks

Safe Area: All important parts of the design must be at-least 2mm inside from the final cutting line. To avoid important content trimming.
Trim / Cutting Line: Indicating final cutting / size of the product.
Bleed: Generally 3mm bleed is required for all products artwork. Bleed extend through the cutting line to ensure no un-printed or white area shows in final products, Specially once dealing with backgrounds.

  • These holder keeping your information visible and accessible
  • Accurate information to more people and attract new customers
  • These holders are the perfect choice to give away with tangible items along
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