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A printed heading on stationery, stating a person or organization's name and address.

An important aspect of a business letter, other than its intent and purpose, is its letterhead. A business letterhead is a must for all businesses, as it also serves as an additional advertising and branding tool and can impart a first impression to its potential customers. Most of these letterheads are made by using the same colour template with their logo.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where most business communication is done via email, and the company letterhead seems to have been resigned to special occasions only. There is no doubt that companies send out fewer letters than they did 15 years ago. But there are still many reasons to mail rather than email. And when a business posts a letter to someone it is not just the content of the letter that is important, but also the look and feel of the letterhead. I mean you would never consider printing out your letterhead onto ordinary 90gsm copier paper, would you?

So if so much of today's correspondence is done via mail, what is the future of the letterhead? Well, many companies need to send samples out in the post and there needs to be accompanied by a letter. The letter, like the business card, needs to carry details about the company, and more importantly, it needs to convey some kind of trust to the reader. So there is no doubt that a well-designed and well-printed letterhead on a high-quality bond paper is just as important as those business cards.

At Uthara Print our standard letterheads are printed on a high white 120gsm business bond which has a feeling of character. We also strongly believe that printing on 120gsm is far superior to the 100gsm still used by many printers. We also print on the Conqueror and Strathmore range of papers. Some clients may require something a little more individual and we will be happy to mail samples of these to you.

So there you have it. Next time you are printing off your letterheads on the laser printer and struggling with the positioning on the page, maybe it’s time you had some printed for those special occasions.