Uthara Print

Hot Foil Stationery

Bling is back. Bling is sexy. Bling is King. What better way to announce your presence and style than gold, silver or copper foil for your stationery that exudes class and style! That�s what we, at Uthara Print, a global upmarket digital print studio, excel at creating for you at highly competitive prices. Sounds good? Great! So let�s understand what we mean when we say hot foil printing. It�s hot. Literally hot! What we do is we press metallic foil onto your stationery using a heated mould via our vintage Heidelberg press to individually apply a beautiful foil finish to each card. This is a printing technique, using a system of pneumatics and heat that allows us to apply a thin film of high-quality metallic foil to your personalized stationery. Our know-how allows us to apply layers of glittering foil using traditional techniques keeping in mind the set-up, calibration, and temperature of our Heidelberg press. Each design uses a different stencil; each stencil works best at a different temperature and the best part is that we take care of it all for you! You don�t have to worry your pretty little heads about it. All you have to do is choose from our luxurious gold, silver or copper foils! And voila! We�re done! Foiling is quick, clean, environmentally friendly and surprising economical and that should be incentive enough for you to jump right in for the Royal Touch! So if you want to add a touch of luxe and extravagance to items like letterheads, business cards, catalogues, flyers and product packaging, hot foil printing is the key. Slightly more expensive than your typical print run, the foil effect conveys a sense of luxury and style fit for royalty. Uthara Print, with a myriad of print products that will complement your marketing efforts, is a global specialist print studio. We couple creative style and artisanal services including digital printing, duplexing, embossing, foil blocking, white ink printing, edge gilding, and hand-finishing. Passionate about print, we will not only gladly help you achieve but will also translate your vision for your brand on to printed media to give you an edge over your competitors. We offer free shipping. Whether it�s foil blocked or embossed company stationery, or whether it�s an exquisite foil blocked business card with the luxurious bright metallic edge gilding, we can effortlessly accommodate all your business needs. Email us, call us or chat with us. Let�s ink a deal.