Uthara Print

Business Card Dispensers

Please read the Important notes box before ordering

These dispensers are made to hold business cards. They are made by printing a sheet digitally and mounting the sheet to 1.5mm thick E Flute corrugated board. Then they are die cut to shape and glued.

Flat pack size - 195mm x 173mm

Internal Pocket size - 30mm(H) x 91mm(W) x 30mm(L)

Header size - 70mm(H) x104mm(W)

Full height - 150mm

Important notes to get you the best possible job using our processes, please read before placing an order. All of our short run products are digitally printed which has made short-run POS material more cost effective and flexible compared to litho and screen process, however the process has some limitations, which we think can be managed if thought about at the design stage.